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Ots Labs

News Article - 20 October 2010

Ots Labs teams up with Avangate eCommerce to provide improved online order fulfillment and relaunches Reseller Program

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 20, 2010 - Ots Labs is today officially launching their new order fulfillment system after more than a month of transitional measures and many more months in planning and development. The new system, in conjunction with Avangate eCommerce, will provide a wider range of payment options, facilitate instant delivery of product licenses upon order submission, as well as a host of other benefits to customers. The Ots Labs Reseller Program has also been relaunched with new options and benefits to resellers.

Ots Labs has been processing orders in-house for over 11 years through its dedicated OtsZone.com e-store. Today, Ots Labs officially launches an expansion of the services provided through OtsZone.com after having teamed up with Avangate eCommerce to deliver enhanced payment processing options.

Customers will continue to order through OtsZone.com—now with the following added benefits:

  • An expanded range of payment options, including additional card types and other common payment methods.
  • Better support for a range of common currencies. For US customers using USD and also EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD and a number of others, the price shown on your credit card statement will exactly match the headline order price rather than being subject to minor currency conversion fluctuations.
  • Instant license delivery. The vast majority of orders will move through the system in a matter of minutes—start using your product immediately after ordering.
  • An option to order an accompanying backup CD of the software you have purchased in addition to the standard electronic delivery.
  • A more extensive affiliate system making it easier to become an Ots Labs affiliate.

All license management functions continue to operate as in the past, via OtsZone.com, and Ots Labs Customer Support will continue to handle queries relating to licensing, technical and sales. Queries specific to orders placed via the new system, eg. payment, status tracking, etc, will now be handled via the Avangate Customer Support area, which is linked from the relevant Ots Labs pages.

Ots Labs is today also unleashing its new Reseller Program for Ots Labs Authorised Resellers, designed to provide more options to existing resellers and make it easier for new ones to join the program. Resellers will also be able to take advantage of the benefits afforded by the new order fulfillment system, eg. increased payment options and instant license delivery, as well as having the opportunity for even greater discounts when ordering significant license quantities through our new purchase order system.

Many of our existing resellers will have already received information about the new program. Other interested parties should contact Ots Labs with an expression of interest through the contact form provided in the Ots Labs Contact Us page.

To mark these milestones and formally introduce customers to the new ordering procedures, Ots Labs has decided to run a special one-day-only promotion on Friday, 22nd October that will provide the greatest discounts ever offered across our entire product range—including all upgrade products. This promotion will be strictly one day only, so look out for it!

A lot has been changing at Ots Labs and we're glad to have you as part of the action. Thanks for your continued business and we look forward to exciting new product releases anticipated soon.

The official Ots Labs website is at http://www.otslabs.com

Ots Labs' popular OtsAV product, including a free trial version, is available at http://www.otsav.com

Products can be purchased through the Ots Labs official online store, OtsZone.com, at https://otszone.com