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Ots Labs

OtsAV DJ / OtsAV Radio / OtsAV TV Version 1.85.001

Released on 12 January 2008.

OtsAV has been split into three separate product lines - OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio & OtsAV TV. OtsDJ Pro original customers now have an OtsAV DJ Pro-Classic+ license, and OtsAV Pro customers have an OtsAV DJ Pro-Classic license, with original entitlements at time of purchase (as will be noted in the My Licenses section at OtsZone.com here) and are highly recommended to upgrade FREE to this version.

Enhancements, Improvements and Other

  • NOTE: Speaker/display/audience-based licensing restrictions abolished in favor of simple feature-based licensing. As such, all 1.85 products can broadcast to an unlimited audience through any medium.
  • NOTE: New OtsAV DJ Silver audio-only product available, as well as new OtsAV Radio and OtsAV TV product ranges.
  • New Enhanced Definition mode. Output video in even higher resolution quality for use on high-end dual core CPUs or above.
  • New export to CSV option with additional field data. Highlight items in any list area, including Media Library, and RIGHT-CLICK -> EXPORT -> AS CSV. Information can be useful for music licensing authorities or other purposes.
  • New ABM enable/disable toolbar button.
  • New CSV logging output option for recording date/time items play along with many other additional fields. Especially useful for broadcast reporting to music licensing authorities. (Available in OtsAV Radio and OtsAV TV products only).
  • New High Definition 720p mode. Output video in 720p quality for use on quad-core CPUs or high-end dual cores. (Available in OtsAV TV Broadcaster only).
  • Other miscellaneous minor fixes.

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