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Media Release - 15 November 2001

Digital DJ dreams come true

GOLD COAST, Australia, November 15, 2001 - Trends in digital DJing have surged over recent years, with many DJs discovering a significant amount of time, and expense, can be saved through incorporating mixing software into their setups. One popular package pioneering the way for digital DJs has not only cut down time and money spent, but totally transformed the type of show and service a DJ can deliver.

OtsJuke DJ, a solution which continues to astound newcomers, has grown exponentially in popularity over the last two years resulting in the development of a large online community. These fans gather to help each other utilise OtsJuke DJ more effectively and provide valuable feedback for the development of future enhancements and technologies.

There are many advantages which apply generally to digital DJing and many more specific to OtsJuke DJ itself.

"Digital DJing greatly reduces the amount of gear lugged around, prevents wear and tear on original CDs and vinyl, and due to its nature, a software-based digital system can easily be extended to include major new functionality as made available" said Mr Adam Ots, CEO of Ots Corporation. "Imagine a traditional 19-inch rack-mount hardware component which could grow in features over time."

OtsJuke DJ itself has a whole host of unique benefits which have already revolutionized thousands of DJs' working lives. Imagine being able to take and fulfil a request just seconds before the current song finishes and still have it mix perfectly. When using OtsJuke you can forget about scrambling in the dark for that specific CD, or even trying to remember the full name of that song you were thinking of. Every single letter you type in the Search facility will narrow down your search instantly, displaying all tracks which contain that formation of letters. For example "OVE" would display "Pray For LOVE", "Head ABOVE Water" and even "ROVER".

One of the most significant areas of OtsJuke is its auto-mixing ability. OtsJuke can quite capably perform all the tedious fade-mixing throughout the evening and to a standard which rivals a human professional. This frees up the DJ to interact amongst the crowd, listen to guests requests, create better playlists and read the crowd more effectively, resulting in a service which is sure to make your clients smile and tell their friends.

Another time consuming area DJs have tradionally had to contend with is level control. Sure, this can be overcome with thousands of dollars spent on a hardware Dynamics Processor with Auto Gain Control and a Compressor/Limiter, but who wants more bulk to set up and a few thousand less in the pocket. With OtsJuke, the broadcast-quality Dynamics Processor is fully integrated into the software itself, saving weight and money, and importantly lots of time previously spent riding those levels. You'll also know your equipment is protected from sudden loudness and people will comment on how smooth your system sounds.

Running a digital system works beautifully for your own standard music collection, but what happens when the bride comes up with a CD in hand, asking you to play her favourite song? OtsJuke has brought the world of CD and digital music files into the same arena, allowing you to pop a CD into your laptop, virtually drag a song into a deck, and watch it mix in after the currently playing song. This provides the best of both worlds within one digital solution! You can pitch-shift, time-stretch, play backwards or even scratch back and forth a track straight off the CD. In fact, you can even mix between the tracks on the same CD!

"Stability and reliability are key concerns for a professional DJ and rightfully so", said Mr Ots. "While it is true that some packages will crash and burn right in the middle of your gig, OtsJuke is renowned for its stable architecture. Thousands of DJs rely on OtsJuke every weekend for their gigs, and some are so confident they have even done away with their backup systems."

With OtsJuke now supporting all Windows operating systems, including Windows 2000 and XP, there has never been a better time to try it out and see why thousands of DJs, radio stations and music lovers are more excited about their music than ever before. Some retired DJs have even resurrected their careers because of the ease OtsJuke has brought to the whole process.

What's more, for a limited time you can buy OtsJuke DJ with a total peace of mind 30-day money back guarantee. There's simply no reason not to give it a try today and see your DJing experience take a turn for the better and your clients refer you to even more of their friends.

To see if OtsJuke DJ is for you, try our FREE demo of OtsJuke DJ at:

One DJ summed it up best when he said, "I have been using the program since it came out and would never look back on any other form of DJing again."

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