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Media Release - 9 March 2000

OtsJuke DJ integrates direct support for SHOUTcast!

MELBOURNE, Australia, Mar. 9, 2000 - Ots Corporation has just released an update to their popular music mixing application, OtsJuke DJ. Direct support for Nullsoft's SHOUTcast plugin is now provided, making OtsJuke the first program to easily facilitate professionally mixed and dynamics-processed broadcasts to be streamed via SHOUTcast.

OtsJuke, which has been a clear leader in mixing and processing technology since its initial September 1999 release, now allows aspiring net broadcasters to directly benefit from these core technologies.

"Previously if you wanted to generate a professional audio presentation for broadcast, you had to use at least one computer to generate the signal, and another to capture it and broadcast it" said Mr Ots, CEO of Ots Corporation. "That way, you would lose quality, plus most people couldn't justify the cost of two dedicated computers and/or other expensive audio processing equipment. Now, all you need is one PC, and a good net connection. That's it!"

OtsJuke processes the audio signal's dynamics, just as real radio stations do, with its built in dynamics processor. "This is one of the secrets to broadcasting. There isn't a bricks-and-mortar radio station in the industry that would even think of going to air without a dynamics processor", said Mr Ots. "Net-based radio stations should be no different if they are seeking a significant audience share."

Most net stations at the moment fall into one of two categories. They are either budget operations which are forced to tolerate gaps between songs and widely varying volume levels among their material. Or, they are actual, real-world, stations with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment who happen to be simulcasting their "polished" signal via the net.

"The magic of OtsJuke is that those operations which run on a shoe-string will no longer need to tolerate a substantially inferior sound", said Mr Ots. "With OtsJuke mixing and dynamics processing technology they now have the power to sound just like the big boys, and all for about the cost of just one week's new music budget!"

Nullsoft have created a great product with SHOUTcast. Now, with direct support from OtsJuke, you should start to hear some pretty amazing things being broadcast!

The latest release also allows you to save your mixes as a series of wave files, ready for burning to CD-R. Making a CD compilation of your favourite songs, all professionally mixed and volume regulated, has never been easier!

Ots Corporation has a demo version of OtsJuke DJ available at their web site, http://OtsDJ.com

About Ots Corporation

Founded in 1996 Ots Corporation develops professional, innovative computer-based audio solutions. Within the Ots suite are OtsDJ, Ots Player, Ots Studio and now the Scheduling and Logging module. A professional version of OtsDJ serves professional DJs and radio station operators.

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