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Ots Labs

OtsAV Version 1.77.001

Released on 9 September 2007.

OtsDJ has been renamed to OtsAV (click for details). This is the first release of OtsAV. OtsDJ Pro customers now have an OtsAV license (as will be noted in the My Licenses section at OtsZone.com) and should upgrade to this version.

Enhancements and Improvements

  • Full Vista (32 bit) support. OtsAV will install and run correctly under Windows Vista.
  • New look for launch of OtsAV. Some graphical elements have been slightly changed, and a new colour scheme for lists, Nebulous, has been added.
  • New profile selector concept for OtsAV. This setting allows OtsAV to better target the end-user with appropriate default settings and is helpful due to the distinctly differing market segments that the product is popular within.
  • Items containing beat info chunks that have a pre-match point range region of 0 samples will now beat mix as intended. The previous work-around of including at least 1 sample in this region in order to prevent the tempo from changing early is no longer required.
  • Exceptionally long tickers will no longer cause the video subsystem to switch off. If your ticker text is too long (note: this limit is NOT simply a specific number of characters) the ticker will not display, but the video subsystem will continue to operate as normal.
  • Deck seek/progress bar click behaviour reverted back to pre-1.75 style. (Item in deck is actually seeked on release of mouse button rather than upon initial click.)
  • Fixed compatibility with some non-compliant layer-2 audio streams that could cause strange behaviour when encountered. (Note: these streams are very rare and therefore most people would not have witnessed this problem.)
  • Ots Studio: A product license is no longer required to access full functionality. Also updated to correctly handle the non-compliant layer-2 streams referred to in the above point.
  • Ots Player: Updated to handle Ots v4.0 files and play layer-2 and 32 & 48 kHz sample rate audio streams.
  • Other miscellaneous minor fixes.

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