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Ots Labs

Media Release - 23 April 2004

Virtual Turntables With the Power to Get DJs Out of the Bedroom

GOLD COAST, Australia, April 23, 2004 - OtsTurntables Free makes its debut as the first software to offer a host of professional DJ features for nicks. With scratching, auto-mixing, tempo and pitch shifting, and dynamics processing for the smoothest volume levels, OtsTurntables Free will make any aspiring-DJ sound like a pro.

The OtsTurntables line-up includes Bedroom, Silver and Pro, affordably priced for those who want even more features in this powerful MP3/WAV/CD application. Its appealing sexy looks feature two virtual silver turntables on a dark decking, colored electrical and audio cords, iridescent indicators, virtual graphic equaliser and a hide-show playlist.

Mr Adam Ots, CEO of Ots Corporation, said "OtsTurntables Free will grab aspiring DJs. Ots famous smooth sounds and professional auto-mixing technology is now accessible to all people." Mr Ots claims, "OtsTurnables will inspire many Bedroom DJs to come out and perform to a live audience."

Music lovers, aspiring DJs and pros are able to scratch, adjust tempo and pitch, play backwards, and mix MP3s, WAVs, Ots files and CDs. The Pro edition also adds psychedelic visualisations, savable scratch movements, ability to record mixes and to webcast to the world.

OtsTurntables Free can be downloaded at www.otsturntables.com

About Ots Corporation

Founded in 1996 Ots Corporation develops professional, innovative computer-based audio solutions. Within the Ots product range are OtsDJ, Ots Player, Ots Studio, Scheduling and Logging module, OtsTurntables and Ots CD Scratch 1200. A professional version of OtsDJ serves professional DJs and radio station operators.

The official Ots Corporation web site is at http://otscorp.com
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