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Ots Labs

A Brief History of Ots Labs

Ots Labs, a division of Ots Corporation, has been providing market-leading audio & video technology playout solutions to the marketplace for over a decade.

Since 1999, Ots Labs has publically released 112 products and/or product versions or updates.

Development of OtsJuke DJ, the precursor to Ots Labs' flagship product OtsAV, officially started in 1997, with some earlier research and work commencing in 1996—the same year that the company was founded.

Some notable events within Ots Labs' history include (this list does not focus on technology—read this page for more about specific Ots Labs technologies):

  • In 1995 the Ots logo ("the Ots man") was conceived and designed, later forming a part of other Ots Corporation / Ots Labs logos.

  • On September 9th, 1999, Ots Corporation released the first public version of OtsJuke DJ—version 1.00.003—via the freshly unleashed www.otsjuke.com website to immediate sales and acclaim.

  • In November/December 2000, Ots Corporation relocated from their offices in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to the Gateway Building in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, where it maintained offices until late 2010.

  • In February 2001 Ots Corporation unveiled OtsZone.com—in development since 1999—their own in-house developed and maintained ecommerce system and storefront to facilitate and manage all sales of Ots products.

  • Ots Studio was first released in September 2001, providing a powerful and easy way to edit and manipulate Ots Media files.

  • The Ots Labs division—and brand—was formalised in 2001 and publically launched in 2002 with the new website www.otslabs.com first going live. Prior to this, trading and corporate branding had been under the parent name of Ots Corporation.

  • Ots Labs first released Ots CD Scratch 1200 in August 2002 and OtsTurntables in October 2003. These products were designed both for the consumer market and to attract additional attention to OtsAV. Today, more than 7 years later—and despite not having been upgraded in a significant way—these products, especially OtsTurntables, continue to attract amazing levels of interest. Not a second goes by without the Ots webserver logs registering requests for OtsTurntables!

  • In March 2003 OtsJuke DJ was officially renamed to the shorter and less-jukebox-sounding OtsDJ. The name change was accompanied by a release, a new website at www.otsdj.com and an overhaul of all Ots Labs websites.

  • A particularly significant release of OtsAV (then OtsDJ) occurred in October 2006 with the 1.75 release—the first version to support video, automated beat mixing (ABM) and the Ots Labs ClearScale time-scaling technology, among other things. This was one of the most eagerly-anticipated and talked-about releases and after official launch at a minute to midnight on October 31, 2006, Ots Labs sales of the product quickly went on to reach a new all-time high.

  • In October 2007, the OtsDJ product line was renamed to OtsAV to better reflect the continually expanding breadth and diversity of the userbase and usage scenarios—particularly now with video being a major component. A little later in January 2008, OtsAV was further expanded into three distinct product streams: OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio and OtsAV TV.

  • During 2008 Ots Labs commenced setting up a new European office in Stockholm, Sweden as well as increasing infrastructure in the United Kingdom and the United States. A significant amount of product development started taking place in Sweden.

  • In September 2009, on the tenth-anniversary celebrations of the first OtsJuke DJ release, Ots Labs officially unveiled their new logo and unleashed completely redesigned websites across-the-board.

  • On September 9th, 2010, Stockholm, Sweden became the official head location of Ots Labs, though staff and some facilities are still maintained in Australia. The group has also been steadily increasing infrastructure in other locations, gradually adopting a more diversified and decentralised approach to operations.

  • During September 2010—after 11 continuous years of processing all orders in-house—Ots Labs migrated OtsZone.com's order processing and fulfillment to Avangate's highly regarded e-commerce platform in order to provide a wider range of payment options, better international currency handling and instantaneous license provision, among other benefits for our customers. Non-order fulfillment related activities remain in-house, including license management systems, technical support, etc. A new and completely revamped Reseller Program was also launched for our worldwide resellers.

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