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Media Release - 20 April 2001

Live Input now in OtsJuke: What's next?

GOLD COAST, Australia, April 20, 2001 - "OtsJuke is esteemed for it's ingenious innovations and technological creations making the control and management of presenting music easier and more exciting. The Ots Corporation recently released it's eighteenth public version of OtsJuke DJ ", announced Mr Adam Ots in response to questions about the latest developments with OtsJuke.

This great product has gained an almost cult-like following from around the world. A surge of new improvements has spun out over the last few months including the following major enhancements.

With the newest release 1.0.90, OtsJuke has a complete Live Input subsystem! Now you can route any external audio (live voice, news feeds, other music sources, etc) through OtsJuke's audio pipeline, including the EQ and Dynamics Processor! With its own limiter to keep live voices in check, the end result is an awesome professional audio impact. You can then broadcast this great sound via ShoutCast, Save as Wave, or broadcast live via your main amp.

"This Live Input makes OtsJuke extremely powerful and flexible", said Mr. Ots. "Uses of this functionality include live announcing, news feeds or syndicated shows, mixing in tapes or records, improving other programs' audio ouput with a second sound card, and using OtsJuke as a stand-alone EQ/Dynamics Processor."

OtsJuke DJ release 1.0.72 added the new time column and clock/counter settings. The exact second an item will play is shown, the times updated and renewed. When items are moved, scratched, sped up and slowed down, the times are changed immediately, creating a highly accurate monitor.

The playlist is now completely controllable with new directives. Creating pauses, recues, time syncing to the clock and likewise as desired. A new configuration option adds flexibility allowing creating playlist repeats and history. An improved Auto-DJ with an added status line informs the user of what is happening at all times.

Ots revealed that the eagerly anticipated release of Ots Studio is "expected to be coming soon". This will please the many fans attracted to this innovative program from all over the world. A highly used, interactive forum of tips, tricks, advice, support, latest news, shared experiences and more has been developed by fans to facilitate the new OtsJuker into the fascinating world of Ots. Jumpin' Jeff's Unofficial OtsJuke Fan Club Forum is linked on the OtsJuke.com site.

About Ots Corporation

Founded in 1996 Ots Corporation develops professional, innovative computer-based audio solutions. Within the Ots suite are OtsDJ, Ots Player, Ots Studio and now the Scheduling and Logging module. A professional version of OtsDJ serves professional DJs and radio station operators.

The official Ots Corporation web site is at http://otscorp.com
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