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Media Release - 28 July 2000

Ots Corporation spins out genuine digital vinyl scratching!

MELBOURNE, Australia, July. 28, 2000 - Ots Corporation has just released an update to their popular music mixing application, OtsJuke DJ. Realistic live scratching via a computer is now a reality, thanks to OtsJuke's built-in virtual turntables.

To scratch, you simply grab the record with the mouse, manipulate it any way you like, and experience exactly what you would hear if you applied those same movements to real vinyl! You can spin forwards and backwards at any speed, and there is no click or delay between direction changes! Scratch from an MP3 file or even directly from an audio CD!

All movements to the record are heard instantly, thanks to OtsJuke's zero-latency audio pipeline. The sounds you hear are the real sounds of the track you are currently playing, not some cheap effect as some others have attempted -- this is genuine scratching and it's purely awesome!

The OtsJuke decks can now play a song at any speed and in either direction, from 5 x forwards, to 5 x backwards. You'll have trouble finding another CD player that can spin your discs in reverse!

OtsJuke also features a scratch sampler. It's a breeze to record your scratches for later triggering with the touch of a single key. You can even save and load them for future use or to swap them with others!

"Probably the best thing about it all", said Mr Adam Ots, CEO of Ots Corporation, "is the catch-up mode attached to the right mouse button. If you scratch with this button, then on release, the mechanism will automatically spin to and find the correct position in the song. This makes it incredibly easy to generate awesome sounding scratches that are perfectly in time and on beat!"

Scratching DJs practice for years to be able to have this control over vinyl. Now it's suddenly become a lot easier for all DJs and aspirants to achieve extrememely realistic creative scratching effects. It's so easy, even your grandmother can do it!

OtsJuke DJ has grown rapidly since it's release last September. "We would like to thank everyone who has supported OtsJuke", said Mr Ots. "It is our customers that have made this a truly great product!"

Scratching functionality builds on what is already a purely amazing audio system. With it's built-in dynamics processor, perfect automated mixing, zero-latency audio engine and direct shoutcast broadcasting capability, OtsJuke has sent shockwaves through the radio and DJ industries. These latest scratching enhancements are sure to create further waves!

A demo of OtsJuke DJ including all of the scratching functionality is available at:

About Ots Corporation

Founded in 1996 Ots Corporation develops professional, innovative computer-based audio solutions. Within the Ots suite are OtsDJ, Ots Player, Ots Studio and now the Scheduling and Logging module. A professional version of OtsDJ serves professional DJs and radio station operators.

The official Ots Corporation web site is at http://otscorp.com
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