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To access the 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) Customer Support area, eg. for any queries pertaining to orderspayment, status tracking, etc—you have placed via the 2Checkout/Avangate platform, please use this link.

Before you contact Ots Labs staff directly, have you looked around this site for an answer to your query?

Although we endeavor to answer all received emails as fast as possible, you will most definitely save time if you find an answer on this website.

Essential reading before contacting Ots Labs Support

Do you have a question about using the product? You will save yourself valuable time for this query and the next if you use the easy-to-understand web help.
(HINT: Once you are in the relevant product's WebHelp, use the "search" tab and type in your subject or keywords).

Have you used the Ots Labs Site-Family Search Engine? This facility searches all Ots Labs websites, including the online documentation available for all Ots Labs products. Before contacting Ots Labs support this resource is a must. We are not able to prioritize common queries above others if you have not done your best to find out the answer yourself.

Are you having trouble understanding the OtsReg licensing system? Have you read the OtsReg licensing guide or our OtsReg FAQ?

Are you wondering when a particular product upgrade will be available? You may be better off looking at the Ots Labs product pages.

Email Guidelines

For customer/technical support via email, or other communication requiring email, you must use the email form to initiate contact with the appropriate Ots Labs staff area.

Before proceeding, please review the following to save time and help ensure an efficient outcome :-

Please consider that Ots Labs receives thousands of email messages every single day including a lot of spam and irrelevant/unwanted/misdirected messages. We have had to implement some more extreme mail-handling measures in order to keep things under control and tolerable.

To send us email, you must choose ONE ONLY of the departments below. Mail sent to multiple departments will most likely be flagged as spam and filtered out. If you have both a licensing-related and technical issue, then send two separate emails. Please realise that different teams handle these emails.

Sales NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY -- if you have never ordered from us and have questions first.
Licensing Any issues to do with licenses, OtsZone profiles, etc, or LEGACY (see next line) order-related issues. Non-relevant emails to this address will be filtered out. Please provide sufficient details so we can identify you, starting with your OtsZone profile email address, PDI (if relevant), etc.
Post-September 2010 orders are processed by 2Checkout (formerly Avangate). To access the 2Checkout Customer Support area, eg. for any queries pertaining to orderspayment, status tracking, etc—you have placed via the 2Checkout/Avangate platform, please use this link.
Technical MUST BE CURRENT LICENSE-HOLDER. All technical support queries/issues about the product you own a license for, not including licensing/payment/OtsZone.com issues as above. Emails to this address from non-licensed customers or about non-technical issues will be filtered out. Please specify your OtsZone.com profile email address, PDI & product description in the message so we can identify you.
Admin Anything else that doesn't fit into the above. These emails may not be responded to quickly or at all, however non-spam messages are all processed and directed to the relevant person/department. Feedback, suggestions, non-licensing/non-technical questions may all be sent to this address. (To submit a testimonial or case study, use these forms instead: Submit a Testimonial or Submit a Case Study)

Do not EVER add Ots addresses to your mailing lists or send us mail outside of the scope of the above -- our anti-spam system will block all email from you and you will have no way of sending us legitimate messages in the future.

If you were expecting a response and didn't receive one within a reasonable amount of time consider that we may not have received your email or you may not have received our reply. Every single day many replies we send to customers bounce because of their anti-spam systems. We, of course, have no control over customers' anti-spam systems which have resulted in them not receiving our reply. Perhaps your anti-spam system is too stringent or you have not added @otscorp.com, @otslabs.com & @otszone.com to your "white list", or checked your spam or junk folders. Again, there is nothing we can do if your mailing system is not accepting our messages, so please think about this before assuming that we have not responded. Think about the many bounced messages we receive every single day. Was one of these yours?

Please note that if you have a new issue you must initiate new contact via the email form and will receive a new contact ID. Do not simply reply to old threads with completely new issues as this makes things less efficient and your email may not be handled as well as it could have been, or even at all.

Thank you for reading these guidelines. Use this form to initiate email contact and Ots Labs staff will do their best to assist you with your query.