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Media Release - 22 August 2000

World's most advanced DJ software, now cueing!

MELBOURNE, Australia, August. 22, 2000 - Throughout the last year OtsJuke DJ has introduced ground breaking technologies, including perfect automated mixing, an integrated dynamics processor, and more recently, virtual vinyl scratching. OtsJuke has now sealed its market leadership with its latest release which features a full stereo cue channel, integrated mixer with cross-fader, and seek-by-frame cueing with cue point set and jump.

OtsJuke has always been brilliant for automated operation. Its automatic mixing is known within the industry to be the best of its kind, and many radio stations now use OtsJuke as their primary audio source. Also a winner is the dynamics processor, which allows you to obtain a clean, tight, professional sound. For those DJs who are more manual-oriented however, Ots Corporation have now added cueing facilities to allow easy manual operation and control.

The integrated mixer includes air/cue switches for each deck, and a cross-fader. You can easily choose where you want to route audio through to. If you have an SB Live soundcard, you can immediately make full use of the stereo cue channel, which will come via the SB Live's rear outputs.

OtsJuke's cross-fader can perform automatic smooth sweeps by use of keys on your keyboard's numeric keypad. For beat mixing DJs, the mixer also includes a special mode called "cue channel split by deck". This allows you to have Deck A come mainly through the cue output's left channel, and Deck B mainly through the right. This makes it a lot easier to beat match and mix.

These new features make OtsJuke a very complete DJ solution even for manual DJs. Since it can read audio CDs directly via digital extraction, you can now use your PC with OtsJuke to do everything you would traditionally have done with say, a Denon 2500, but also a lot more!

It's a snap to broadcast your output to a SHOUTcast server, or save it as consecutive wave files for a seemless, no-gaps-between-songs, dynamics-processed, CD-ROM burn.

"OtsJuke has come of age" said Mr Adam Ots, CEO of Ots Corporation. "Whether you are a manual beatmixing DJ, a wedding jock, or a radio station operator, OtsJuke can add value to your operation by saving precious time and allowing unprecedented control."

A demo of OtsJuke DJ is available at: http://OtsDJ.com

About Ots Corporation

Founded in 1996 Ots Corporation develops professional, innovative computer-based audio solutions. Within the Ots suite are OtsDJ, Ots Player, Ots Studio and now the Scheduling and Logging module. A professional version of OtsDJ serves professional DJs and radio station operators.

The official Ots Corporation web site is at http://otscorp.com
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