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Ots Labs

Technology & Design

You don't need to sacrifice reliability and quality so why should you? The way you present yourself and your product to your clients is a direct reflection on you and your firm—and the playout system you use no matter the kind of project you're involved in will necessarily play a large bearing on this. Ots Labs has customers in various sectors who are defying the large, established players and taking over. Their secret? Ots Labs technology. They don't always publicize it due to competitive reasons, but it's a trend that's been building in recent years, especially within the solutions provider and background music provider areas.

If you're reading this, then you are privy to the secret! Ots can save you time, money and push you ahead of your competitors. If you're responsible for any kind of music and/or music video playout system or network—a DJ, radio station, internet broadcasting, IPTV, pubs, clubs, bowling alleys, skating rinks, gyms, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels, airplane music distribution systems, whatever—don't put up with large disparities in volume between songs, gaps of silence, instabilities, poor video quality and other "anomalies" that may casually seem trivial but really are taking the gloss away from your otherwise outstanding product.

We invite you to discover why Ots Labs has a loyal fan base spanning more than a decade and to consider the numerous technology advantages and innovations that can absolutely benefit you with your own service or application.

Ots Labs has a core set of design philosophies which underpin everything we develop and produce. Largely, they can be encapsulated within these key overriding principles (from a customer point-of-view):

  • Reliability. If it doesn't work—ALL THE TIME—it's as good as useless. It really is that simple!
  • Innovation. If it can't do what you want, and do it intelligently, why should you waste your time?
  • Quality. You owe it to yourself to present yourself in the best possible light—in EVERY aspect of your project or performance. Don't settle for mediocrity!

(We urge you to read about Ots Labs' design philosophies in detail—we're sure you'll find them fascinating!)

With innovation one of the key overriding principles behind its design philosophies, Ots Labs has consistently raised the bar in what is possible with PC-based audio/video playout software.

Key Ots Labs innovations include:
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