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Ots Labs

New 1.85.064 Release

World-first: OtsAV is the first software to provide all the power of professional-grade automation with all the control of tactile hands-on operation. The best of both worlds! Use a Denon HC4500 to mix hands-on via OtsAV's quality audio/video pipeline, and then switch on AutoDJ when you want to concentrate on other areas or need a break, and benefit from OtsAV's accurate Automated Beat Mixing and Automated Fade Mixing! Don't settle for just auto or just manual when you can have the best of both worlds!

New OtsAV 1.85.064 release delivers:

  • MIDI Hardware Control supporting all MIDI-compatible hardware via flexible and user-editable OHML (Ots Hardware Mapping Language), including 2-way MIDI control for LEDs and supported screens. (OtsAV DJ Pro, OtsAV Radio Broadcaster, OtsAV TV Broadcaster). 
  • Native MIDI support includes:
    • Denon DN-HC4500
    • Denon DN-HC4500 + DN-X500/900 Mixer
    • Denon DN-HD2500
    • Behringer BCD2000
    • Behringer BCD3000
    • PCDJ DAC-3 (this controller only supports 1-way MIDI so LEDs and screens do not function)
    • Hercules DJ Console MK-1 (this controller only supports 1-way MIDI so LEDs do not function)
    • All other MIDI-compatible controllers can be fully 2-way mapped by advanced users with OHML mapping language and .OHM files can be shared online. Ots Labs will be officially mapping more controllers as they are received by manufacturers and will be posting on this page here.
  • Old School mode. Route Deck A through to your External Mixer Channel 1, and Deck B to Channel 2, for hands-on mixing, while still benefiting from the Ots Labs Dynamics Processor, Automated Beat Mixing and Automated Fade Mixing as desired.
  • ASIO cue/secondary channel support.
  • World-first Zorphing (scratching with tempo).(OtsAV DJ Pro, OtsAV Radio Broadcaster, OtsAV TV Broadcaster).
  • New low-pass filtered high quality scratching.
  • Support for additional information sent via Shoutcast streams for copyright compliance (Album Title and Item Copyright).


New customers - Download an OtsAV 30-Day Trial or see the buy page here.

Current customers - Download 1.85.064 or see the release notes or see buy page for upgrade options if OtsDJ Silver/Boombox 1.15 license holder.