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Ots Labs

TrueSmooth™ video engine

While there are numerous PC-based playout systems today that offer so-called video capabilities, how many of them actually display video the way it is supposed to be—the way that broadcast television networks do?

The Ots Labs TrueSmooth™ technology built into OtsAV video-enabled playout products is your assurance that:

  • Video is displayed with the full 50/60 Hz motion-updates contained in the source (most competing systems handle only 25/30 fps—completely discarding the motion contained in half of the fields of interlaced video!)
  • Frames are presented consistently and smoothly, not dropped/repeated/stuttered—even when the video format is different to the source format (eg. PAL->NTSC format conversion) or speed-up/slow-down is occurring due to beat mixing or some other reason.
  • That interlaced video is correctly de-interlaced using the Ots Labs per-pixel motion adaptive de-interlacing engine resulting in smooth motion and full preservation of resolution contained in the source.

And all of the above applies even when the source video is high definition (HD). There's a good reason why Ots Labs technology is used by broadcast professionals, but whether you are performing to a small crowd or an entire city, why should you put up with inferior video? Seeing the difference is believing!

Ots Labs TrueSmooth™ technology can be found in all video-enabled playout products within the OtsAV product family. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV TV.

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