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Ots Labs

PureFloat™ audio processing

Ots Labs designs playout systems that are ready and capable to perform in real world environments. Having delivered the first low-cost PC-based playout system targeted at DJs which included a fully-functioning and high quality dynamics processor—present in the very first playout product released by the company over 10 years ago—Ots Labs has had plenty of experience within the audio processing arena.

One of the big drawcards to Ots Labs products—and a reason frequently cited by our customers—has always been the pristine audio quality that is clearly head and shoulders above our competitors.

Ots Labs PureFloat™ audio processing technology—consisting of 3 core ingredients and an overall philosophy—is part of the key to this acquired reputation. In part, PureFloat™ is a solid technology consisting of rules, techniques and algorithms. It's also a philosophy or state of mind that heavily influences design decisions and touches almost everything concerning audio.

No matter how you wish to categorize it, PureFloat™ is your assurance that you are getting the very best in audio quality from your playout system. Don't settle for inferior solutions! Explore the difference. Hear the difference. Your ears may surprise you!

Ots Labs PureFloat™ audio processing technology and the Ots Labs Dynamics Processor & EQ can be found in all Ots playout products. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio, OtsAV TV, OtsTurntables, Ots CD Scratch 1200.

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