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IntelliARC™ video processing engine

It's an unfortunate fact that most PC-based video playout software does not handle the aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 widescreen, 2.21:1, etc) of source video correctly or—in most cases—at all! Systems generally process everything internally as 4:3 with—if you're lucky—some auto-conversion occurring at the source and/or output via a driver layer or something equivalent.

The point is that these apps are not internally aspect ratio-aware on a per-song/file basis, or even at all—the result being either stretched video if the display does not match the source, or unnecessary black bars all around the video (known as windowboxing). And when the output does happen to be at the correct aspect ratio, this is achieved unconditionally using lifeless black bars (letterboxing or pillarboxing).

Ots Labs IntelliARC™ technology automatically and intelligently handles all aspect ratio conversion (ARC) issues without any intervention required on the part of the user unless specific overrides are desired.

Benefits of IntelliARC™ technology include:

  • Video is always presented at the correct aspect ratio.
  • No unnecessary black bars are present in the final output. As a specific and common example, this means that a source consisting of 16:9 widescreen video embedded within a 4:3 carrier will be correctly (and automatically) expanded to fill a widescreen 16:9 output!
  • Necessary black bars are replaced (optionally) with IntelliARC's automatic ARC embellishments feature that intelligently fills the black-bar region with attractive and creative video content derived directly from the source video. This particularly works very well with music videos and provides the illusion of the output display being completely filled which is something research shows viewers prefer.

Modifying the ARCing behaviour of poorly-flagged or recorded source video takes just a few seconds and new settings will be thereafter respected by the playout system during all subsequent presentations.

These are features not found in any competing products, and are not even present in some high-end broadcast equipment hardware costing tens of thousands of dollars as used by network television operators! Ots Labs IntelliARC™... Now that's intelligence for your video!

Ots Labs IntelliARC™ technology can be found in all video-enabled playout products within the OtsAV product family. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV TV.

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