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Ots Labs

Ots Media Query Language (OMQL)

Ots Labs' Ots Media Query Language—OMQL for short—has been a part of Ots playout products since the early 2000s. While our competitors were happy with primitive song lists and single-category solutions, Ots Labs set out to design a powerful and flexible approach to searching for items within a playout system's media library, controlling the automated scheduling of playlists, etc. The result was OMQL, since used across a diverse range of industries and available in most Ots playout systems.

OMQL attempts to remain simple to use while exposing great power to those who care to dig a little deeper. Why should a song/item be limited to a single category—as is the case with most other media library systems—when it's more natural, intuitive and certainly powerful to be able to assign multiple categories? Rock, pop, 1990s, favorites, female... now this is how it should be!

OMQL is certainly about far more than just categories, but the point remains that again Ots Labs has worked hard to engineer a solution to a problem with an approach that is innovative, creative, powerful, useful—and above all—practical! And as with most Ots Labs innovations, OMQL continues to evolve in lockstep with the capabilities of the playout systems it complements.

Ots Labs OMQL technology can be found in all current playout products within the OtsAV product family. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio, OtsAV TV.

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