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Ots Labs

IntelliFade™ mixing engine

Also known in Ots Labs circles as ACI mixing, this Ots Labs-exclusive technology delivers professional radio-style mixing between songs (sounds just like a DJ) without any manual intervention or preparatory work required.

Although a standard feature in all Ots playout products since 1999, the competition have still not caught up after a decade! In short, other products either have gaps between songs, do crude x-second overlap fades, or require a lot of preparation time per song in order to obtain half-decent results.

The Ots Labs IntelliFade™ technology and the huge benefits it delivers in terms of time-saving and professionalism is frequently cited by our customers as one of the main reasons for choosing Ots.

Ots Labs IntelliFade™ technology can be found in all Ots playout products. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio, OtsAV TV, OtsTurntables, Ots CD Scratch 1200.

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