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Ots Labs

Ots Hardware Mapping Language (OHML)

Ots Labs' Ots Hardware Mapping Language—OHML for short—is a relatively recent addition to the Ots stable.

When Ots Labs added MIDI hardware controller support to its playout system lineup, rather than simply hardcode that support on a per-controller basis, Ots Labs engineers opted to build a flexible platform that would allow future controllers to be supported with little or no changes required to the underlying core.

Better still, in many cases Ots Labs customers—if so inclined—are able to add support for arbitrary controllers themselves rather than relying on Ots Labs to bring out official support in a future update to the playout product. This empowers the customer and makes the whole process of supporting new hardware more flexible and efficient. It also allows the customer, where appropriate and if desired, to modify behaviour and support for a given controller simply by editing the OHML code that forms its support.

As is the case with many Ots technologies, OHML's scope and objective is a somewhat moving target and constantly evolving. Newer hardware released by manufacturers sometimes requires different levels of support and OHML seeks to grow with those requirements. Future capabilities of OHML will see it facilitating interfacing with far more than just MIDI controllers and the underlying architecture has been built with this flexibility in mind.

Ots Labs OHML technology can be found in selected playout products within the OtsAV product family. See OtsAV DJ, OtsAV Radio, OtsAV TV.

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