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Obtaining the LAME encoder

Please note that using MP3 encoding technology in some countries without first paying the appropriate license fees may mean that you are infringing on various patent holders' rights. Please check out the situation in your country first.

LAME is an audio encoder that can work with Ots Studio. You can read more about the LAME project at the official LAME home page.

You need the LAME_ENC.DLL file version of Lame to be able to use it with Ots Studio. This file is linked below for your convenience (in a zip file), as well as some download sites. (Unzip, after downloading, to access the LAME_ENC.DLL file).

File Download (easiest method)

LAME DLL Download Sites

If downloading manually make sure to get the 32-bit release - NOT 64-bit which will not work. Some of the alpha versions of Lame may contain bugs, so if in doubt, stick with the latest stable release. For example, one implementation of the 3.88 engine we saw has a bug when encoding to mono, which resulted in a totally distorted output. For stereo streams it was fine.

Installing LAME DLL

Once you have downloaded and unzipped LAME, open Ots Studio and go to menu "OPTIONS -> ENCODER SETTINGS..." and click on the "SET..." button.

HINT: You will need to have the "Show All Hidden Files" option in Windows selected to see it.